What We Do

Our Name defines what we do. We are your Plan Administrator Fiduciary.
Our team makes sure your plan is compliant and free of fiduciary errors. We save you time and money while reducing your risk.

How We Work

Our job is to help ensure your retirement plan adheres to regulations and reduces your administrative effort, resource burden and risk of liability.

With our outsourcing options customized to fit your needs, you can rest easy that your plan is compliant and adheres to a prudent, professional and documented process.

With Your Current Providers

We work collaboratively with your current service providers and do not require changes to your preferred relationships.

Retain your:
Payroll service, advisors, ERISA counsel, Non-fiduciary third party administrator (TPA), custodian, recordkeeper and / or investment managers, and CPA auditor

We design a custom plan and approach for you


We design a package of fiduciary retirement plan administration services that fits your situation.

We take into account your internal systems and resources for any fiduciary retirement plan administration responsibilities that you retain.

We offer the flexibility to add additional services as needed.

Let's Customize Your Plan

Available Services

We can work with you to develop a customized plan and set of services to meet your unique situation and need.

  • Determining eligibility
  • Authorizing corrections
  • Reviewing forms, notices and SPDs
  • Mailing forms, notices and SPDs if the recordkeeper does not
  • Reviewing, approving, signing and submitting the annual Form 5500
  • Approving loans and distributions
  • Resolving loan and distribution issues
  • Reviewing and signing plan amendments
  • Providing fidelity bond coverage
  • Providing comprehensive plan due diligence
  • Engaging and overseeing the Third Party Administrator
  • Scheduling annual meeting with you
  • Ensuring that the payroll system is properly coded
  • Processing payroll changes for deferrals and loan payments
  • Auditing automated payroll transfer files
  • Managing participant interactions, issues and inquiries
  • Interacting with the CPA auditor so you do not have to
  • Coordinating any recordkeeper or asset custodian changes
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions
Loan & Distribution Approvals


Payroll Processing
Notice Mailing


Automatic Enrollment Reminders
Payroll Auditing


Form 5500

Still Have Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us via email, by phone or by sending us a message if you have any questions regarding your unique situation.