Payroll Integration


When it comes to retirement plan peace of mind everything starts with Payroll


Every payroll period you need to transmit payroll files, approve ACH transactions and update your payroll system for retirement plan deferrals and loan repayment changes. Depending on available payroll system integration1, we create Peace of Mind by transmitting payroll files, approving ACH transactions and making deferral and loan repayment changes.


We know the rules. We know who must get which required plan notices and when. Our Peace of Mind service delivers the notices and with processes in place to deal with returned and undeliverable mail. And, if the DOL ever asks about participant communications in an audit, we’ll be there to answer for you.


What happens when your HR person is on vacation and a participant requests a loan or distribution? Who reviews and approves these timely requests? You can outsource loan, withdrawal and distribution approvals to our professional team and create Peace of Mind knowing we’re covering you every business day.


When you sign the Form 5500, you attest under penalty of perjury that the form is complete and accurate. Peace of Mind means we will review the form and then sign it as the Plan Administrator. No signature is needed by anyone at your company. And we do this as a fiduciary.


Enrollment is a time consuming process that you must perform for newly hired employees. Peace of Mind means that we determine what needs to be issued to someone about to become eligible for the plan and we mail all of the necessary communications to the employee on your behalf.


When you move your retirement plan, there are critical and timely actions to take before and during the blackout period. You’ll enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that we’re handling census and payroll files for the recordkeeper and sending out blackout notices, fee disclosure notices, QDIA notices, and updated SPDs. We even cover postage and mailing costs.


A new retirement plan can deliver great tax and savings benefits, but it also comes with work you may not have time to do. You’ll enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that we’re making sure initial census files are in good order for the recordkeeper and that we’re sending out required plan notices to your employees. We even cover postage and mailing costs.


As your plan administrator fiduciary, you can rest easy that your retirement plan is compliant and adheres to a prudent, professional and documented process. We’ll provide outsourcing options customized to fit your needs and work collaboratively with your payroll service, advisors, ERISA counsel, non-fiduciary third party administrator (TPA), custodian, recordkeeper and / or investment managers, and CPA auditor.


When you hire us as your plan administrator fiduciary, we recommend you continue to work with a local third-party administrator. For clients who prefer to reduce relationships and data sharing, we offer TPA services through Perry Molzahn Associates* to handle administrative paperwork of the plan, compliance testing and the preparation of annual government form filings. It’s all about Peace of Mind.

Your Expert Plan Administration Fiduciary
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We take the guesswork out of being a plan administrator by applying over 150 years of collective experience and expertise to ensure retirement plans are run efficiently and correctly.

Plan Sponsors

We offer a service where you can outsource the HR and payroll functions specifically related to the retirement plan to us.

Financial Advisors

We team with financial advisors to offer a complete package of fiduciary protection to your clients.


We team with TPAs to offer a complete package of fiduciary administration protection to your clients.


We team with recordkeepers to offer a complete package of fiduciary protect to your clients

Less Staff Time + Fewer Headaches + Reduced Liability =
A Stronger, More Effective Retirement Plan