We offer a service where you can outsource the HR and payroll functions specifically related to the retirement plan to us. Why?

Because it’s a cost effective way to save time for you, save money and avoid IRS penalties by getting the plan administration done correctly. With Fiduciary Outsourcing, you can now outsource almost all of the 401(k) and retirement plan fiduciary functions that your current service providers don’t provide. You get to keep working with your current service providers. You just get out of doing the portion of the work on the plan that you do now.

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Our Services Include

Retirement Related Payroll Functions

Our staff uses its 150+ years of collective experience to ensure that all participants who elect to defer or make changes in deferrals have their requests updated into payroll timely. After you process payroll, we will transfer the data to your investment provider. We start and stop loan repayments on your payroll system. Hardship withdrawal suspensions will be handled by our office. Automatic enrollment and automatic increases will occur without your involvement.

Human Resources Functions

Retirement plan participants have questions. Can I have another copy of the 401(k) enrollment materials? I don’t want to save anymore, how do I stop? Is a loan better for me than a withdrawal? Our credentialed staff is trained to know the right answers. Your employees’ questions are answered quickly, efficiently and correctly, without involving you. This allows your employees to quickly get back to being productive for your organization.


There are over 100 possible notices that the IRS and DOL can require you to distribute in any given year. While no plan needs all of these notices sent to participants, the time you spend to determine which notices to send, who should get them, the delivery method and when they must be issued can be extensive and exhausting. Our fulfillment services can take over this process for you by gathering the notices directly from your other service providers, determining who needs to receive them and mailing or electronically delivering the correct materials.

Transactional Activity

Employees need to receive enrollment materials. Not just enrollment kits, but SPDs, safe harbor notices, automatic enrollment notices, fee disclosure notices, and QDIA notices, just to name a few. Then, once the employees are in the plan, they want loans and withdrawals. And, after they terminate employment, they want to receive distributions. With Fiduciary Outsourcing in your corner, all of these activities happen without your involvement. We mail the information directly to the participants, answer their questions, coordinate with your other service providers and make sure these activities occur timely and correctly.