Knowledge & Experience

We bring knowledge and experience gained from more than 40 years servicing retirement plans to the independent fiduciary role. We have a deep understanding of the effort and expertise it takes to maintain a compliant, well running plan that reduces your costs and liability.


2014 - Fiduciary Outsourcing, LLC

Fiduciary Outsourcing, LLC was established in 2014. In addition to its own resources, it has access to Edberg & Perry’s expert staff and and resources.

1972 - Edberg and Perry, Inc.

The principals of Fiduciary Outsourcing also own and manage Edberg & Perry, Inc., a leading plan consultant and TPA. E&P was established in 1972 and recently celebrated its 43rd anniversary.

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Professional Group Clients

Fiduciary Outsourcing is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has offices in Oregon and Georgia. We also have marketing affiliates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fiduciary Outsourcing leverages the professional resources of Edberg & Perry, Inc. Our firms employ 15 dedicated staff members servicing retirement plan clients and more than 680 manufacturing, industrial, medical, engineering, financial, construction, education, and non-profit clients.