Form 5500 Signing

Fiduciary Peach of MindTM

A Retirement Plan Outsourcing Service

When you sign the Form 5500, you attest under penalty of perjury that the form is complete and accurate. Fiduciary Peace of Mind means we will review the form and then sign it as the Plan Administrator. No signature is needed by anyone at your company.

Form 5500

We review your retirement plan’s 5500 filing and ensure all required schedules are attached. We will communicate with you anything that looks out of the ordinary. Once the form is complete and accurate, we will sign and submit it to EFAST 2.

Plan CPA Audits

For larger plans, we will review the CPA audit to ensure that it is complete and compliant with DOL published guidelines.

Form 8955-SSA

We review the information presented on the form, if one is required, to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Then, we will sign the form as Plan Administrator. If you agreed to complete a Form 2848, Power of Attorney, we can also sign the form as Plan Sponsor.


The fee for this service is $500 for small plans and $1,500 for large plans.

As an ERISA 3(16) Plan Administrator, Fiduciary Outsourcing is here to reduce the administrative effortresource burden and risk of liability of your retirement plan. We implement customized outsourcing options to fit your needs so that you can rest easy knowing your plan is compliant with rules and regulations.