Payroll Integration

Fiduciary Peach of MindTM

A Retirement Plan Outsourcing Service

Your retirement plan relies on accurate payroll data, of course, but, it’s not so uncommon to see errors in these files. It’s easy to understand why mistakes happen but fixing them can be costly since they can generate administrative fees, potential regulatory penalties and costs to make participants whole in their accounts. And In some cases, they can even trigger Department of Labor audits.

Fiduciary Outsourcing’s payroll integration service creates peace of mind by approving ACH transactions and updating your payroll system for retirement plan deferrals and loan repayment changes. Many employers appreciate the convenience and comfort of handing off this routine, but important, task to a fiduciary partner like us who gets it done right every payroll period and makes sure everything stays in sync.

Periodic Payroll Services

Depending on available payroll system integration, each payroll period we will transmit payroll files, approve ACH transactions and make deferral and loan repayment changes.

If No Payroll Integration is Available
180° Payroll Integration
We Transmit Payroll Files
Blue Check Mark
We Approve ACH Transactions
Blue Check Mark
We Make Deferral and Loan Repayment Changes
Blue Check Mark
Blue Check Mark
Fidelity Bond

When ACH Approval is one of our services, Fiduciary Outsourcing will maintain a fidelity bond for the client at NO additional cost. The fidelity bond is auto increasing and provides the minimum coverage required by the Department of Labor.

As an ERISA 3(16) Plan Administrator, Fiduciary Outsourcing is here to reduce the administrative effortresource burden and risk of liability of your retirement plan. We implement customized outsourcing options to fit your needs so that you can rest easy knowing your plan is compliant with rules and regulations.