We team with recordkeepers to offer a complete package of fiduciary protection for your clients.

We aren’t recordkeepers, asset gatherers or custodians. We provide complete 3(16) fiduciary administration services to insulate your client from the common fiduciary errors they make in administering their plans. Your client gets to keep working with you so there is no reason for them to change recordkeepers simply because they add our services.


The Benefits To You

Increase Profitability

Our staff leverages its 150+ years of collective experience to ensure that you get the correct data you need to process payroll deposits, loan requests, distribution requests and other activity timely and accurately. Your staff will interact with us rather than interacting with your clients’ HR and payroll departments. Since our staff is trained and experienced to understand what you need as your client’s recordkeeper, you will see an increase in efficiency among your staff thereby increasing your profitability.

Happier Clients

Your clients won’t have to deal with updating payroll records for retirement plan changes, downloading reports from your website, mailing out notices, answering participant inquiries or any of the other pain points commonly associated by plan sponsors with their retirement plans. If plan sponsors don’t interact with the plan as often, they are less likely to be unhappy with the plan.

Implement Plan Features With Ease

Adding automatic enrollment and automatic increase features is in the best interest of all parties involved. More participants save and so more monies flow into the retirement plan. However, plan sponsors, especially smaller plan sponsors, are reluctant to implement these features over concerns about the amount of time involved and the penalties if there are errors. With Fiduciary Outsourcing, automatic enrollment and automatic increases will occur without your client’s involvement. A true win-win for all involved.

Retain Clients Longer

There are many studies that show a large percentage of plan sponsors move their plans because they encounter administrative issues that make them unhappy with current service providers. Fiduciary Outsourcing removes most of these administrative issues from the sphere of the plan sponsor allowing the plan sponsor to avoid spending time and getting aggravated. Happier clients remain your client longer.