We Can Help // Loan and Distribution Approval Service

As a retirement plan sponsor, it’s your job to approve loan and distribution requests from plan participants. It may not seem like much, but it’s one of the most important responsibilities you have. A key concern is timeliness. Any delay in approving a request can result in employee complaints as they wait for their money.

In some cases, the risk is an unhappy employee who shares his concerns with co-workers. In even less desirable cases, it could wind up as a complaint with the DOL. Save the hassle and the risk by outsourcing this function to Fiduciary Outsourcing. It’s easy. Learn how.

When you elect this service, Fiduciary Outsourcing will:


Promptly review and approve requests that are in good order


Sign off as plan administrator on these requests


Be ready and responsive everyday so that you don’t have to be

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