We Can Help. Signing Form 5500 Service

Every year your qualified plan must file Form 5500 (or one of its cousins) with the government. It’s an essential filing just like your personal 1040. Many companies sign this form themselves, but you may wish to join those who ask us to sign on their behalf. Why?

Why elect to have Fiduciary Outsourcing sign your Form 5500?

  • Comfort – no worries about the formal signing or efiling. We’ll take care of it.
  • Travel – If you travel frequently, it can sometimes be difficult to manage compliance requests remotely.
  • Easy filing – If we sign the 5500 for you, we can also easily e-file it for you.

Fiduciary Outsourcing has one goal – to help lighten your load, reduce your liability and make it easy for you to focus on your business rather than administrative tasks of your retirement plan.

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